Exploration excursions in Drôme Provençale – Accommodation and reception of groups

Group stays

Excellent venue for group or family stays, the FIEF has modular and adaptable accommodation suitable to all your needs…

The Jouhy Rooom:
it has an incredible view over the Jabron Valley, it has a lot of light and is very comfortable. It is the largest work space with video equipment and a Wi-Fi connection. (50 seats, 80 square metres).
Versatile and suitable for cocktails and event meals.

The Portal Room: this room can welcome up to a dozen people. It is used a lot when several working groups are formed. It is located underneath the Jouhy Room.

The Modesta Room: located underneath the Auberge, this room contains the library and an adjacent vaulted space.


The Vicensini Room: this small vaulted room is a magnificent performance room. It has a stage and a stage management platform. It is our “poetry cave”.

Our references – year 2012
University Paris 13 - VMSF (Music Holidays without Frontiers ) – OFAJ (Franco-German Youth Association) – Franco-German Young Artists’ Forum – Courage e.V. Berlin – Walthrop People’s University – Goethe University Frankfurt – AWO Essen – GEW Hessen (Hesse Teachers’ Union) - Arbeit und Leben Niedersachsen (continuing/further education for adults), Arbeit und Leben Nordrhein Westfalen (continuing/further education for adults), Ecole Internationale Pierre Trudeau Barleben, Abendgymnasium Köln (second opportunity high school), Annette von Droste Gymnasium Düsseldorf, Gymnasium Muristalden (Switzerland), Reformed Parish of Moutier (Switzerland)...


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