Exploration excursions in Drôme Provençale – Accommodation and reception of groups

To come to the FIEF is to choose active holidays, to discover, to exchange…

Whether you are in a family or in a group, our mission is to make a success of your wishes and your projects.


The exploration circuits to get to know better our region

We offer to the groups and families who stay at the FIEF a customized programme to get to know the admirable region where we are located.

Introduction to the village and the region: historical, geographical, political, socio-economic.
Walk-exploration around the village: observing the landscape
Accompanied excursions
Discovering handicraft activities: pottery in Dieulefit, nougat in Montelimar, Côtes-du-Rhône wine,…but also goat cheese, Tricastin truffle.
Evenings: grills, crêpes, singing, wine and cheese tasting…

The specific programmes:

School programmes:
• Surveys on village life: interviews at markets, in the shops and with the locals.
• Theatre activities with a final show.
• We can cater for all projects within the scope of our facilities

International exchanges:

We can cater for a stay at the FIEF of students of various nationalities working on a common project.

Historical memory work:
In line with the founder’s legacy, the FIEF proposes to work and meditate on the themes of exile, internment, tolerance.

Young vocational trainees.
• Lecture-debate by vocational training specialists.
• Visits of vocational training centres (C.F.A. Technical Colleges...)
• Visits of companies specific to training domains.
• One or two-day professional project with regional partners and firms.

In partnership with the OFAJ (Franco-German youth organisation) and various academies, the FIEF organises each year bi-national workshops aimed at teachers of French in Germany and of German in France. Training is given by specialists in the field of new teaching techniques concerning intercultural activities and pair work for school exchange programmes between the two countries.

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